Gerald Finzi's 'Let Us Garland's Bring' Song Cycle with the University of York Chamber Orchestra | 14. 02. 2018 | Jack Lyons Concert Hall



"His unwavering tone, impeccable intonation, clear diction
and communicative openness are engaging. Come away, Death had a steady tread that deepened its emotional heft and made for a winning performance." | York Press

Alma Mahler's 'Fünf Lieder' | 09. 03. 2019 | Jack Lyons Concert Hall  


"George Clark brought even tone, good German and considerable poise to the songs, with Nicky Losseff his idiomatic accompanist. He was always alive to drama in the lyrics." | York Press 

(13.40 - 28.25 on Youtube video)



'Hälfte Des Lebens' from Hermann Reutter's Drei Gesänge 

'I Wish You Bliss' from Korngold's Fünf Lieder 

'Wings' from Korngold's Fünf Lieder 



George Clark | | London, United Kingdom

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